WP6: Astrometry(Research and technological development)


The WP6 Astrometry aims at making accurate positional (astrometric) measurements of planets or satellites. In the context of the WP, ground-based (including WP 5 data) or image data from previous planetary missions will be calibrated, analyzed, and reduced. The resulting astrometric data will be used to model the motions of the SAT and SPC (WP7).

Description of work

Task 6.1 : Reduction of Phobos/Deimos Images

The goal of this taks is to obtain astrometric data on Phobos and Deimos (the two natural satellites of Mars) on the basis of spacecraft images of different missions such as Mars Express, Viking, Mars Global Surveyor, or Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. Improved spacecraft trajectories (such as those determined in WP7) will be used to reduce the image data. Means will be provided to verify the accuracy of the camera pointing information. Results will be used to model the motion of Phobos and Deimos (WP7) and will be made available to the public via the IDIS system (WP9).

Task 6.2: Reduction of the mutual events data

This task will devoted to the reduction of observations made by a network during the last seasons of mutual events (eclipses and occultations by satellites each other) in the Uraniona, Jovian, and Saturnian systems. Lightcurves of these events are modelised and lead to accurate relative positions of the involved satellites.

Task 6.3: Reduction of the Jovian images

This task will allow us to get astrometric data by the mean of reduction or re-reduction of Voyager, Galileo, Cassini, New Horizon images, in particular through stellar astrometry with new astrometric stellar catalogues. Galilean satellites are mainly concerned but also internal Jovian satellites.

Task 6.4: Reduction of the Uranian images

This task is similar to the Task 6.2 for Voyager 2 images (acquired in 1986).

Task 6.5: Reduction of other relevant images

This task is similar to the Task 6.2 but for HST images, VLT, and CFHT images and by the mean of data mining.

Task 6.6: Reduction of the DAMIAN images

In this task we intend to analyze, calibrate and measure USNO plates (first scan of more than 2000 plates), plates from South Africa Obs., and plates from Poulkovo, Bucarest, SAI Moscow.