3D Animations

We have created several 3D animations concerning our FP7. The different 3D animations are:

astrometry of the moons of Jupiter

Here we can see the old method to reconstruct the orbit of the Jupiter's moons (Io in the following video). It was used by astronomers. They had a telescope and a photographic plate, which was used to print the image. They took lots of photos at different times, and looked at the location of the moon(s) compared with several stars considered as fixe on the sky (they are so far of the Earth that we can't see their movement with human eyes). With these pictures the astronomers could reconstitute the orbit of the studied moon(s). In the E.S.Pa.C.E.'s project, we digitize those photographic plates in order to obtain more precise orbits for the Solar System's moons.

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a spacecraft flyby of the moon Europa of Jupiter

In this video we can see the deviation of a spacecraft near a Jupiter's moon (Io), caused by the Io's gravitational field. The more the spacecraft passes near Io, the more it is deflected.

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MarsExpress flyby of the moon Phobos of Mars and the influence of the interior of Phobos on the flyby trajectory

This video shows the satellite's orbit around of Mars. During its path, it will draw near to Phobos on several occasions. This presence of another gravitational field in its direct environment (small than Mars, but closer) will deviate the spacecraft from its path. This deflection depends of the mass of Phobos (the greater the deviation and oriented in a certain direction, the greater the mass Phobos will prove to have). Therefore, the study of the orbit of the satellite will provide characteristics of Phobos.

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Animations of IMCCE