WP11: Education and Outreach (Other specific activities)


WP 11 on Education and Outreach aims at developing web pages, educative tools and documents, related to the whole activities and results of the E.S.Pa.C.E. proposal

Description of work

Task 11.1 : Dedicated web site

We intend to make our work well understandable by possible users of our data and tools, but also by a larger public. Space exploration and astronomy are very attractive for the public but the acquisition and use of the data are not so much well known. The task 11.1 will be dedicated to the setting up of a dedicated web site to explain that in the cntext of our project.

Task 11.2: Animations & image

On this website, pages will be developed to give access to astroomical images and space images as examples. Animations, for example to explain the mecanisms involved in the rotation of the bodies could be developped.

Task 11.3: Pages on DAMIAN

Dedicated pages on the digitizing machine, on the processing of a plate and its analysis will be developed.

Task 11.4: Pages on the mutual events

In these pages, these peculiar events among the natutural satellites will be explained. The interest of their high accuracy will be demonstrated.

Task 11.5: Pages on Martian system

In these pages, we will give information on the Martian system, example of data obtained from the ground and from the space, explanations on the data processed in the project and on the scientific objectives.

Task 11.6 : Pages on Jovian system

Idem for the Jovian system

Task 11.7 : Pages on Uranian system

Idem for the Uranian system