WP1: Coordination (Management of the consortium)


WP1 aims at coordinating the project: ensuring a work progress compliant with scheduled project plan, at organizing telecons or management with the participants, and at managing with report obligations to the Commission.

Description of work

Task 1.1: Coordination

Overall coordination and monitoring of the work; Telecons will be regularly organized. Guidelines will be diffused to the participants (ROB for gender aspects). WP1 includes also: mediation in case of conflict or schedule/progress difficulties; responsibility for liaison with and reporting to the Commission; organisation of project meetins according to the project timetable and on demand.

Task 1.2: Project management

Provide a project secretariat, resposible for administrative matters, financial management, and associated liaison with partners, document management.

Task 1.3: Kick off meeting

We wil organize a kick-off meeting at the very beginning of the period.

Task 1.4: Annual administrative and financial reports

The annual administrative and financial activities will be described in annaul reports.

Task 1.5: Final administrative and financial report

We will give the description of the global activity in a final report.