• ESPaCE Review Meeting 16 January 2014 - at Paris Observatory in Paris, France

    According to the ESPaCE project and the related Consortium Agreement, we have had the second Review Meeting after two and a half years of activity; this meeting was also attended by REA (Sabri Mekaoui, Project and Legal Officer) and a reviewer (Axel Nothnagel, Univ. Bonn, Germany). Detailed feedback per WP was given during the first day. During the second day, there was a session with questions and answers with the Project Officer, a discussion on the consortium management tasks and achievements, as well as an overview of the plans for the next 12 months. A feedback of preliminary review conclusions from the reviewer was also presented. This was followed by a General assembly were the Consortium Members could discuss about the outcome of the review session and way forward, the next reporting activity, and the space missions in which ESPaCE is involved (MaRS (MarsExpress Radio Science)-ESPaCE collaboration on Phobos flyby and PRIDE (Planetary Radio Interferometry and Doppler Experiment)-JUICE (Jupiter Icy moon Explorer) collaboration). It was followed by an Executive Board meeting (Board members only)

  • ESPaCE 3d Annual Meeting 16 and 17 June 2014- at Observatoire Midi-Pyrénées in Toulouse, France

    This meeting has allowed us to present the results of the different WPs and to discuss the next activities. The first day was dedicated to the presentations concerning WP 1 to 4, the second day, concerning WP 5 to 12. Gaia tracking, MEX flyby, PRIDE-JUICE strategies were discussed the second half of the second day, as well as H2020 future possibilities.