• ESPaCE 1st Annual Meeting / Review Meeting 30 And 31 May 2012 - at JIVE in Dwingeloo, The Netherlands

    According to the ESPaCE project and the related Consortium Agreement, we have had the first Annual Meeting after one year of activity; this meeting was as well a review meeting with the presence of REA (Stefano d'Orilia, Project and Legal Officer) and a reviewer (Luciano Iess, Univ. Roma, Italy). This meeting has allowed us to estimate the progress of the work and to discuss the next activities. The first day was dedicated to the review sessions. The activities of each Work Package (WP) have been presented and discussion organized according to the REA proposal. A visit of JIVE was organized at the end of the review session. A General Assembly gathering all the people involved in ESPaCE and a meeting of the Executive Board gathering only the EB members was held on the second day morning.