Affiliated Participants

The Consortium has foreseen additional participants, the External experts, not paid by the project but participating in the discussions, planning, website construction, Consortium workshops, and Consortium meetings. These participants form a consultative body. They shall also be responsible for reaching cooperation at trans-national level and make the link with existing data systems for space research.

When speaking about the Consortium, we include the External experts; when speaking about the General Assembly, we do not include the External experts.

The External experts are:

  • N. Emelianov from Sternberg Astronomical Institute (SAI, Russia)
  • D. Pascu from the United States Naval Observatory (USNO, USA)
  • Cheng Li Huang from Shanghai Observatory (SHAO, China)
  • C. Murray, N. Cooper (Astronomy Unit, Queen Mary, University of London, UK)
  • L. Zelenyi, A. Zakharov, N. Eismont, and V. Nazarov, from the Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IKI, Russia)

Other External experts may be added in the course and the needs of the project Robert phobos test.